Gamers! Here Are The Best Five (5) Wireless Gaming Controllers

In this post, we are going to presents you with 5 of the best wireless gaming controllers available in the market today.

We all know that most mobile games these days are developed to only support touchscreens. But of late, a lot of games have adopted the support of wireless controllers in their recent updates.

To be sincere with you, using a wireless controller is way comfortable and makes more sense than playing the game with your fingers on your screen. Most especially if the game was ported from a console over to smartphones, including emulators.

So many wireless controllers have been created with different layouts and sizes. In this post, I want to list 5 game controllers I believe are the very best. This list is not in a particular order, and it is regardless of their form factor or prices but their functionality.

Top 5 Wireless Gaming Controllers

Here is my list of the best wireless controllers for both iOS and Android smartphones. I also included some description of the controllers.

Steel Series Stratus XL

This gaming controller has been available for some years now. Don’t be deceived because it’s old, according to many users, this is the best controller you should purchase.

This is undoubtedly the most beautiful of the wireless gaming controllers available today. Designed with a whole black body colour with gray and orange accent colors, it fits perfectly into the hands without discomfort.

When we take a first look at the Stratus XL, it is very similar to the Xbox controller, but it has a button layout that is just like that of the Playstation controller.

This controller works well with both smartphones and PC. Though I’ve only tried it with Android, but my friends told me it works perfectly well with their PC. If you are using it on your Android, it should function well with games that support wireless controller.

I don’t know the battery capacity though, but I know that I’ve used it for up to 10 hours nonstop till the battery got low.

Steel Series Stratus Duo

The functions of the Stratus Duo is very similar to that of the Stratus XL, but Stratus Duo battery life is about twice that of the Stratus XL.

The mind-blowing feature that makes the Stratus Duo stand out from other wireless gaming controllers is its ability to go back and forth from PC to Android by just flipping a switch, without a need to re-pair. You can connect it without wires to your PC with a USB dongle, and you can connect it to your Android via Bluetooth.

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Phonejoy Game Controller

This game controller’s design is good looking and different from others on the list. If you look at the image of the others, you will notice that you have to mount your phone on the controller.

To use the Phonejoy game controller, you just have to slide open it in the centre to fit in your smartphone whose width is 6.1-inch or less.

Actually, having the controller button by the sides of your smartphone’s screen gives room for using the four shoulder buttons than other controllers.

This controller supports connection via Bluetooth and it is configured to support over 200 mobile games.

Ipega Wireless Game Controller

This controller works perfectly with your Android smartphones and Tablets, it also works well with PC. It comes with a Bluetooth 3.0 wireless transmission, and it can work without any interruption within a distance of about 8 metres.

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It’s major selling point is its ability to fit into different sizes of smartphones and tablets (between 5 to 10-inches).

This controller supports majority of games, and this includes simulator games like Wild Blood, Zombie, Arcade Emulator, Dungeon Hunter, among others.

Beboncool Game Controller

The Beboncool controller has a telescopic holder suitable for your smartphones, and this makes it one of the best wireless gaming controllers out there. This feature makes playing games more comfortable.

It has a battery capacity of 350mAh. Similar to the Stratus XL, the battery lasts up to 10 hours and it can be fully charged in 3 hours.

The gadget has a free companion app which shows a list of over 300 games that are compatible with the controller.

This controller is simply designed with a black body with red accents. It might not be the best-looking controller on the list, but it still does its job. It is very portable and lightweight, and can easily fit in a small bag. It has a feature which makes it automatically turn off after 5 minutes of inactivity.

Which of the above wireless gaming controllers is best fit for you?

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