Facebook Moment To Be Shut Down On February 25, Users May Lose Photos

Back in 2015, Facebook launched an app called Moments, in order to help users manage their photos and that of their friends” and now it will be shut down on February 25.

The Facebook Moments app used Facebook’s facial recognition software to identify your friends through a bunch of photos so that you can group them all together.

Reason For Shutting Down Facebook Moments

According to Facebook – ‘not many people were using it’. However, we are seeing the application of the technology in Facebook’s native app when you receive notifications about old photos that you have uploaded with your friends in the form of ‘memories’. Facebook itself has not added any new features to it over the years.

How To Back Up Your Photos

For those who have been using the app and uploading photos in the app, there is no need to worry as there is a couple of options to prevent your data being erased.

  • Option 1. Facebook has created a tool, that lets you create a private album of the photos on your Facebook account and the photos will only be visible to you.
  • Option 2. The second option is to download the photos to your device. The deadline period is until May, after which the photos will be deleted by Facebook

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