If you thought the foldable phone by Samsung is impressively amazing, then may be you have just started, wait until you lay your eyes on this leaked Xiaomi foldable phone.

I came across a tweet that contained a video in which Xiaomi president teased us with a cool yet-to-be-announced folding device.

I pulled some screenshots from the video to give you some still images. Here is the device in use fully opened up:

And here it is being folded up:


And lastly, this is it in folded form:

I think it is cool, even cooler than Samsung’s folding phone. But just so you can see it in action for yourself, here is the tweet with the embedded video:

Xiaomi Foldable Phone Demo Video

It looks amazing, Right?! What do you think Xiaomi will call it – Mi Mix Flex or Mi Dual Flex, or some other cool name? Let’s hear your thoughts.

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