Blunder In New Year – Huawei Mobile Tweets New Year Message Via An iPhone

Just like Samsung Nigeria that mistakenly tweeted with an iPhone, Huawei has done same but this time around, a serious blunder on the first day of 2019.

Below is the screenshot of the tweet;

A subtle way of telling consumers that even their employees don’t use only a Huawei phone or just carelessness from their media team

Huawei and Samsung as a company isn’t the only company that’s faced this issue before, also a Russian brand ambassador for Samsung was also relieved of her duties when she was found holding an iPhone at a live interview,

Anyways, it’s safe to assume that Huawei has a non affiliated digital agency looking after its social media account. So I can’t directly push the blame on them but I feel they should really tell those handling their accounts not to use it while using a phone from another brand.


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