When Will Your Pre-ordered Oyi Beeptool N500 Android Smartphone be Delivered?

If you are among those who pre-ordered for the Oyi beeptool N500 Android smartphone, don’t expect the delivery to be as fast as that of Jumia, Konga or the local store because it’s taking more time than you’d expect.

Well, it may even take much longer. I’ve been able to gather some information from the company’s social media and that might help you while away time during the waiting period.

oyi beeptool

We wish to inform Oyi-1 potential customers that BeepTool aware of your pre-orders, we urge all of you to be patient with the processes. Please remember that the delivery is in batches based on “first come first serve principle” The date of delivery will be announced shortly!

Says the company.

During the launch, the founder John Enoh said stage one had to do with technical development which includes design, testing and prototype manufacture of a basic affordable smartphone, and the second stage was to raise public awareness and funds to manufacture the first batch of 3,000 units.

Meaning all the pre-orders you all made is part of the second stage and the fund is being used to produce 3000 units. This is the reason why delivery date might even take a bit longer if not entering into 2019.

I’ll suggest you all be patient while pending till when delivery date will be communicated to you.

You can as well login to your account, modify your address if need be just to be on the safer side.

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