Snapdragon 855 Officially Announced – Supports 5G, Under-Display Fingerprint and Elite Gaming

Snapdragon 855’s Under-display fingerprint sensor

What is the new support for under-display sensors like? Qualcomm’s solution is a 3D sonic sensor which the company says will work smoothly even if there is a screen protector on the phone’s display or if the screen is smudged or dirty. Amazing!

Snapdragon 855 with Elite Gaming

Elite Gaming

Gaming phones are becoming the rave these days, with a number of manufacturers launching one. Qualcomm wants to support that and so has optimized the Snapdragon 855 for elite gaming. The chipset is also optimized for artificial reality – AR. AR gaming will become big in the future and we see this as a smart move.

5G Support

As for 5G, well that’s the other separate thing announced: Qualcomm isn’t exactly putting an X50 modem into every new Snapdragon 855 chip it’s making. Instead, it will come integrated with Qualcomm’s new X24 LTE modem, capable of theoretical download speeds up of to 2Gbps. Manufacturers will have the option to tack on the X50 modem into their hardware should they want to include 5G connectivity in 2019 devices.

We can expect all the major smartphone players to make flagship devices with Qualcomm’s new processor including the Samsung Galaxy S10 and pretty much any other 5G device slated for the first half of 2019.

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