MTN-Facebook Free Basics and Autoflex FAQs

Facebook Free Basics

What is Facebook Free Basics?

  • MTN Free Basics allows customer to access Facebook and a set of websites for FREE on their mobile phones via a special URL within a daily Fair Usage Policy (FUP). The Free Basics include variety of websites in communication, learning, sports and entertainment, news and weather, jobs, health and safely, and many more.

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How can I access Facebook Free Basics?

  • You can access the Free Basics by downloading and installing the app from your mobile device app store or entering this web address: on your browser.

What features are available on Facebook Free Basics?

  • With MTN Free Basics, you can:
    • Update your Facebook status
    • Comment/write on your friend’s wall
    • View/change profile picture
    • Send and receive videos, pictures, and text (text only mode available to existing Facebook account users)
    • Search Friends on Facebook
    • Add new friends
    • Browse through Facebook
    • Browse through other websites such as AccuWeather, Ask a Doctor by Kangpe, BabyCenter, BBC News, Bing, Jobberman, Messenger, Nairaland Forum, Nigeria Galleria, Nigeria News com,, SuperSport, VConnect, Wikipedia, and many more.

Facebook Autoflex

What is Facebook Autoflex?

  • Facebook Autoflex is a service that allows MTN customers access their Facebook accounts and Messenger for FREE (zero data balance) via mobile app or web browser within a daily Fair Usage Policy (FUP).

What features will I be able to enjoy on Facebook AutoFlex?

  • Customers with newly created and/or existing Facebook accounts will be able to enjoy the Following features:
    • View/change profile picture
    • Update Facebook status
    • Comment/write on your friend’s wall
    • Search Friends on Facebook
    • Add new friends
    • Browse through Facebook
    • Send/receive videos, pictures (Not available to existing Facebook account users)
    • Open external links (Not available to existing Facebook account users)
    • Facebook Messenger

MTN-Facebook Free Basics

General Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for Facebook Free Basics/Autoflex?

  • All MTN customers who have zero data balance on their mobile phones are eligible to enjoy the Free Basics and Autoflex service within 20MB daily data allowance.

Will I receive separate 20MB daily data allowance to access Facebook Free Basics and AutoFlex?

  • No, the 20MB daily data allowance will be deducted when you browse on both Facebook Free Basics and Auto Flex.

Will my data bundle be charged for browsing on Free Basics/Autoflex?

  • No! The use of Free Basics is absolutely free within Fair Usage Policy (FUP) of 20MB daily. However, you will be required to buy data if you choose to open external links, view, and send photos or videos.

If I have an active data bundle, or Social bundle(s), which data will deplete first while browsing?

  • As soon as you subscribe to a data plan or social bundle, a prompt will display while browsing on the Free Basics and AutoFlex to use your active data. Once you have exhausted your data bundle, you will be automatically switched back to the free mode.

Will I be able to browse all internet sites or App with my daily data allowance?

  • No, you will ONLY be able to browse Facebook Free Basics and AutoFlex with the daily data allowance. You will have to subscribe For a Data plan or Social bundle to access other internet or apps respectively on your mobile phone.

What is the validity of the daily FUP?

  • The daily FUP will be valid For 1 day.

Will I be able to roll over my unused daily data allowance?

  • No, you will NOT be able to roll over your unused daily data allowance. All your unused data will be cleared by midnight and you will receive another 20MB the next day.

Can I access the Free Basics/Autoflex From any mobile device?

  • Yes! You can access the Free Basics From any Smartphone and mobile devices with supported browsers.

How do I check my daily FUP balance?

  • You will receive threshold notifications once you attain 50%, 90% and 100% usage of your daily data allowance.

Will I be able to enjoy Free Basics while I am abroad?

  • No. If you use Facebook Free Basics while you are abroad, you will be charged based on the standard roaming rates.

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