MTN XtraTime is a service that allows eligible customers borrow airtime on credit when you run out of airtime and pay back on their next recharge. The service is available to active MTN prepaid customers.

MTN XtraTime.

How to Access MTN Xtra Time Menu

You can access MTN XtraTime by dialling *606# to check eligibility status, request for Airtime, learn more about XtraTime etc.

MTN XtraTime Menu View; Dial *606#

  1. Eligibility status
  2. Request Data (XtraByte)
  3. XtraCash
  4. XtraTime Balance
  5. XtraTime History

Eligibility criteria for the MTN XtraTime service include

  • The MTN Customer must be prepaid platform
  • Your SIM must be registered
  • Subscribers must have been on the network for minimum of 6 months
  • You must have loaded and spent a minimum of N200 for 3 consecutive months.

Please note that different credit bands are available depending on the subscribers profile (tenure on network, recharge frequency, etc).

Available credit bands include;

  • N100 XtraTime
  • N200 XtraTime
  • N400 XtraTime
  • N500 Xtratime
  • N750 XtraTime
  • N1,500 XtraTime
  • N3,000 XtraTime

Table below displays the available lending band, Tenure and maximum balance MyCustomer will have before he/she can request for airtime.

MTN XtraTime

Note: Credit borrowed from XtraTime cannot be transferred.

So go on and enjoy.

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