TStv To Roll Out Jolly Decoder On November 2018 – All You Need To Know

TStv Jolly decoder – As earlier promised last month, that all channels remains free till the end of November before the official sales begin, TStv will begin the sales of its decoder effective November 28, 2018.

As earlier claimed by the owner of the PayTV operator, it has been fighting some battles but that will not hinder it from rolling out its services officially.

TStv Jolly decoder

TStv took to its social media handle to announce the official sales of its premium Jolly decoder beginning from November 28, 2018.

Features of TStv Jolly Decoder

  • PVR Function
  • Full HD
  • USB 2.0 port
  • Full EPG function
  • 15 secs boot time
  • Smart Card slot
  • SIM Card slot (for easy migration to Dexeterity function)
  • Recording and time shift simultaneously
  • Recording and playback with external USB
  • HDMI and AV output
  • 8 favorite channel group
  • UHF 21-69 RF modulator Output which is ideal for DTT
  • Multicast embedded funtions
  • Telecast
  • Compatible wiith 4G networks.

The price of the decoder is yet to be announced but I guess it will maintain the same price tag with Sassy Decoder or a slight change since this is not Dexeterity Decoder.



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