Microsoft Windows 10 October update 2018, the successor to Windows 8.1, is out and comes with some new cool features.

The October update was initially released in the month of October but was retrieved offline due to large number of complaints related to missing files.

According to John Cable, Director of program management for windows servicing and delivery, there are no more data loss.


Key Features of Windows 10 October update

Here are the key features of the update.

The “Your phone app” feature was designed to ensure there is a better sync between Android and iOS phones with Windows 10. With the new feature, you can now sync photos, send and receive messages as well as copy files from your device and paste in whatever you’re working on. In other words, you get access to your phones photo and texts, read, watch and browse on a bigger screen.

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“Timeline on Phone” makes your PC’s timeline available in your phone so that you can go back to find files, document and whatever it is you’re searching for. This feature gives you the option to sort, share and remove activities.

“Microsoft To-do” helps to prioritise your important tasks and to keep track of the list.This feature  also support the feature to sort through your numerous inbox messages and schedule items by dragging a task to your calendar.

There is also a “Power usage” feature that appears in the task manager and lets you see what apps are draining your battery by grouping them all in a column.

Other features of the Windows 10 October update include better HDR support for gaming and movies, Microsoft edge improvements, cloud clipboard, new screenshot tool, search previews, new game bar features, bigger texts across Windows 10 amongst others.

If your automatic update in Windows update settings is turned on, then the Windows 10 October update will automatically be downloaded to your device; and then you can install it.


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