Chargerito Mobile Device Chargers Is One Of The Best

As a tech enthusiast blogger, I have seen quite our fair share of chargers. Some have been really good. Most are just adequate. One of the best mobile device chargers that we have run into is a new one called Chargerito. Let’s introduce it to you.

The Chargerito

Chargerito could pass for an Italian food in a menu but it’s just a charging device that plugs into a wall and has no wire. You plug your phone directly into the charger. It is the perfect travel charger to take along when on a road trip or any movement as it fits easily into your pocket or luggage when folded. It resembles a wall plug adapter and like the adapter, it carries no extra baggage; no wires and no battery.

There’s a stand on the edge of it to keep phones in place when charging even with weighty gadgets.

chargerito - one of the best mobile device chargers

One cool thing about this tiny charger is the fact that it comes with a holder that can be attached to a key chain or maybe even used as a pendant.

Presently, it only comes in U.S. standard electrical outlet (NEMA 110V AC outlets) so finding a wall socket for it may/may not be issue. Also, worry not about charging time, because the manufacturer says it charges “about twice as fast as an external battery or USB cable connected to another device like a laptop. It varies significantly according to the device being charged, room temperature, age of the battery, etc., but Chargerito charges as quickly as the leading in-wall chargers out there. It takes about one hour to charge an iPhone 7 from 0 to 100%.”

chargerito jeans pocket
The charger is so small that it fits into your tiny jeans pocket

The best mobile device chargers

The best mobile device chargers have two traits: they are compact and they charge fast. Chargerito meets those requirements. It is actually the smallest mobile device charger we have seen. And so we think it deserves a place on the list.


However, it isn’t without its limitations.

Being the smallest mobile charger you can find, I would have preferred for the charging head to be removable so one can swap between Type-C USB and Micro-USB, where you own multiple devices with different USB ports. But apparently, I have to own multiple Chargeritos for different devices.

This is also one of the cheapest “wireless” charging devices you can find. The price is in the range of $25-$30. What do you think? Do you agree with us that this is one of the best mobile device chargers around?

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