All You Need To Know About The New MTN XtraValue Plan: Bundles and Tariff

MTN XtraValue has been revamped to allow MTN subscribers make outgoing Calls, SMS, Data and receive incoming calls while roaming with their XtraValue bundles (from N2000 and above) in 41 countries, thereby, getting better value for their money.


Highlights Of The New MTN XtraValue Plan

  1. You will be able to use any of the listed Xtravalue bundle plans while roaming in the eligible destinations.
  • XtraTalk 2000 & Data 2000
  • XtraTalk 5000 & Data 5000
  • XtraTalk 10000 & Data 10000
  • XtraTalk 15000 & Data 15000
  • XtraTalk 20000 & Data 20000
  1. Calls, SMS and data while using the Xtravalue bundles locally or while roaming in the eligible destinations will be charged differently.

  2. When you exhaust the bundle elements or bundle expires while roaming and an eligible destination is called, charges will be from other roaming bundle account (if available), otherwise, from the main account and at the standard roaming rate.

  3. Eligible XtraValue bundle plans can ONLY be used while roaming in any of the eligible destinations.

  4. You will receive the same data volume or airtime value when the XtraValue bundle plan is activated while roaming but the depletion rate will be different from when you are back home.

  5. You will be able to use the remaining bundle balance when back in Nigeria and will be charged at the applicable local rates.

  6. The Eligible Destinations while Roaming with the XtraTalk/XtraData bundles are;

  • United States of America, Ghana, United Kingdom, Benin Republic, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, China, France, Cameroon, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Canada, Kenya, Cote d’Ivoire, Spain, Senegal, Netherlands, Uganda, Rwanda, Sudan, Switzerland, Greece, Australia, Portugal, Belgium, Mexico, Sweden, Malta, Czech Republic, Iran, Romania, Croatia, Cyprus, New Zealand, Austria, Poland, United Republic of Tanzania, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland.
  1. CALLS/SMS/DATA will be charged in this order;
  • XtraValue bundle -> Roaming bundle account -> Main account.

How To Migrate To MTN XtraValue Tariff Plan

Firstly, you need to purchase a bundle first before you can migrate to XtraValue tariff plan. To purchase any of these bundle, simply dial x131×2#.

NOTE: Please note that when you are out of bundle, you will be charged 20kb/sec

Read more on MTN XtraValue Bundle Plan HERE.

So, of you are on MTN XtraValue, enjoy this new offer.



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