9Mobile BlazeOn Data Plans – Get 800MB For N120 and 1.7GB For N200

Most people don’t know much about the 9Mobile time based mobile plans, and even if they know, they hardly think of it twice. However, it usually comes in handy if you just need to download a file immediately without extended use for the data.

9Mobile BlazeOn timely Based Data Plan

Below are the available plans on 9Mobile’s BlazeOn Data Bundle

  • 10mins for N50 (fair usage cap of 250MB)
  • 15mins for N70 (fair usage cap of 380MB)
  • 30Mins for N120 (fair usage cap of 800MB)
  • 60mins for N200 (fair usage cap of 1.7GB)

How Can I Get It?

Simply download BlazeOn from this link – Download BlazeOn


If you are downloading the app for the very first time, you’ll get free 200MB once you register.

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