13 Ways You Can Pay For Your GOtv Subscription Without Stress

Renewal of your GOtv subscription now made easier than ever before. You can pay with cash, on your phone, on laptop or desktop device and you can pay from anywhere you are in Nigeria. This article contains all GOtv payment options.

The traditional way to make you GOtv payment is to make your payment by cash at the nearest Multichoice Africa office close to you. But now, you can avoid that stress and pay for GOtv conveniently from your house or anywhere you are. Continue reading and you will learn how to pay GOtv through phone and many other means.

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GOtv payment options in Nigeria

There are now many payment options for GOtv in Nigeria. These payment options are carefully explained below.

1. Make payment at Multichoice Africa offices

You can make your payment by cash at the nearest Multichoice Africa office close to you.

2. QuickTeller

QuickTeller is the most popular online payment solution to complete bills and subscription payments in Nigeria. It allows you to pay for your GOtv subscription renewal from the comfort of your home. It is very easy and simple to use. In the case if you have been disconnected before you pay for the renewal, it also allows immediate and automatic re-connection of your decoder within five minutes after successful payment via QuickTeller. Follow the steps below to pay with QuickTeller:

  • If your account has been disconnected, make sure your decoder is on.
  • Go to and choose the GOtv subscription package you want to pay for.
  • Type in your e-mail address, your phone number and your IUC number (your IUC number is the written on the red sticker at the back of your decoder).
  • Select Next to proceed.
  • Enter your GOtv subscriber’s name and confirm that you have entered the correct IUC number.
  • Click on PAY.
  • Choose the type of Naira debit card you want to use to pay i.e Verve, VISA, MasterCard, etc.
  • Enter the details of your card: the sixteen digits number on the front of your card, the expiry date, and your four-digit PIN.
  • Click on PAY.

If the payment is successful, your GOtv account will be credited and your viewing will be restored.

3. PAGA e-Pay

You can also pay online for your GOtv subscription using PAGA e-Pay. To pay online using Paga e-Pay, visit and log in to your GOtv account. Go the payment options where you will see a list of all the payment option available in Nigeria. Click on Paga e-Pay and follow the step-by-step instructions that follow.

4. eTranZact

This is an online banking solution that allows you to pay for your GOtv subscription directly from your bank account. This payment option can completed from your mobile phone or online. To pay on your mobile phone using eTranZact, simply dial *389*9*smartcard number#. Then follow the prompts that appear on your screen.

To pay online using eTranZact, follow the following steps:

  • Visit the GOtv website
  • Select your country (in this case, Nigeria)
  • Enter your Smartcard number and click on the VERIFY option.
  • Select “View Balance and Pay” to proceed the payment summary page. Your due date and amount to be paid will be displayed for you.
  • Click on PAY to proceed to the payment page.
  • Select eTranZact from the payment options displayed and choose BankIT.
  • Enter your bank account number and choose the name of your bank from the list of banks.
  • Generate a six-digit passcode and enter the passcode the box provided.
  • Dial *389*00# on the phone number registered to your bank account to generate an OTP. Enter the OTP in the box provided and click on PAY.
  • You will receive the response of your transaction shortly indicating whether the payment was successful or not. All things being equal, your payment should be successful.

5. Eazy Money

Eazy Money is another payment option which allows subscribers to pay online using their Eazy Money mobile wallet. First of all, you need to have an Eazy Money mobile wallet. If not, you can register at any Zenit Bank branch for Eazy money wallet. All you need to do is to go to your GOtv account page and select Eazy Money under the payment options. Enter your mobile phone number and your Eazy money PIN code.

6. GlobalPAY

You can make online payment for your GOtv monthly subscription through GlobalPAY. To use this option, go to and log in to your GOtv account. On the payment page where you have the payment options, choose GlobalPAY and enter your GOtv payment details as required. Click on “Complete Payment You will be redirected to the website of GlobalPAY where you will complete the payment. Choose your card type and enter your card details as required. Click on “Pay” to complete payment. Once the payment is successful, you will be redirected back to your GOtv account page.

7. PayU

PayU is another online payment option you can use just like the other options explained above. In like manner, log in to your account at and click on the PayU logo. You will be directed to the PayU payment page where you can complete your payment by entering your card detail. Once the payment has been completed successfully, you will be taken back to your account page on the GOtv Eazy self-service website.

8. Stanbic Mobile

Stanbic Mobile is USSD-based and online payment service. You can use either of the two to make your payment swiftly. It is very fast and efficient.


  • To register, dial *909# on your mobile phone and press 4 following the prompts and select Register. Provide your information required in each field and press send.


  • To make your payment, go to on your phone browser.
  • Choose “Mobile Money” and enter your number.
  • Click on “Register” and provide the required details.
  • You will then be directed to the GOtv page on Stanbic Mobile to complete your GOtv monthly subscription payment.

9. Pay with cash at FCMB Bank

You can pay with cash at any FCMB Bank branch in Nigeria using the bank teller. All you need to do is to pick up a teller at any FCMB Bank branch, fill in your name, phone number, and IUC number, and make your deposit at the designated deposit desk.

10. Zenith Bank mobile wallet

This is a mobile wallet application offered by Zenith Bank and can be used by anyone i.e. both Zenith Bank customers and Non-Zenith Bank customers can use it.

  • Visit your mobile app store or to download the Zenith Bank mobile wallet application.
  • Register and log in with your login details.
  • Once you are logged in, select “Bill Payment”. Select “Bank” or “Eazy Money”. “Bank” is for Zenith Bank Account holders who have linked their bank account to the mobile wallet, also known as Banked Customers. “Eazy Money” is for all Non-Zenith Bank account holders and they are also known as Unbanked Customers.
  • Enter the biller’s number which is your smartcard number. Enter the amount you want to pay and enter your four digits PIN code.
  • You will be sent an SMS to confirm whether your payment was successful or not.

11. PAGA mobile

PAGA mobile is a payment platform sponsored by PAGATECH, an independent financial institution. It is also a mobile wallet service where customers can make payments from their phone or laptop. Visit for more.

12. KongaPay

KongaPay is a payment platform that you can use for numerous transactions involving money including digital TV subscription payments.

  • Download the Konga app or visit
  • Register if you do not have an account or log in if you have an account already.
  • Go to “Bills and services” and choose “TV subscriptions”. Choose GOtv as your subscription type and enter your smartcard number.
  • Your GOtv details and your current bouquet plan will be displayed automatically for you. Click on “Pay” to proceed to payment or you can click on the bouquet drop-down menu if you want to change your subscription plan and choose the new plan you want and then click on “Pay”.
  • Enter your KongaPay pin and the OTP sent to your phone. Click on “Confirm” to complete the payment. Your GOtv account will be credited ant activated immediately.

You can select Auto-Renew every month to give GOtv the authorization to automatically renew your subscription every month from your KongaPay account.

13. Baxi Box

You can make payment for your GOtv subscription renewal using Baxi Box. You can find Baxi Box agents everywhere in Nigeria.

Use any of the options explained above and continue to enjoy unrestricted access to all your entertainment and news channel.

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