Twitter’s Co-founder and CEO Wants To Remove The Like Button

Twitter is a well known micro-blogging platform that comes with a lot of features and one of them is the ways it allows users interact with content they see on the social media platform. One of the ways users interact with content on the platform is the use of the like button and that might change very soon, according to reports.

According to the Telegraph, Twitter’s co-founder and CEO, Jack Dorsey admitted in a company event that he was not a fan of the heart shaped button and they will get rid of it soon.

Twitter's Co-founder and CEO, Jack Dorsey
Twitter’s Co-founder and CEO, Jack Dorsey

The reason could be based on psychology. Psychologists have suggested that ‘likes’ may be causing social media addiction since it brings about a trend where people tweet or share something and if it doesn’t get enough likes, they end up deleting it.

This is kind of strange since Twitter decided to replace the much loved star button back in 2015 which was called the favourites button. We used the favourites button to ‘favourite’ tweets that we liked, but now that has been replaced by the bookmarks button, which I rarely use to be honest.

The ‘likes’ button was brought about for a purpose. Twitter wanted to target new users since if they came from other networks (like Instagram for example), they would find the star button confusing and this made sense in a way.

Twitter also said that they wanted to make the experience easier and more rewarding to use and it seems Dorsey doesn’t want that anymore.

We will have to wait and see whether Jack and his team will grow through this and what they will come up with in its place. Maybe the favourites button will come back? Who knows.

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