Treasure Hunt – You Can Get An iPhone Xs Max for Just N5000 and Many more

Jumia Price Hunt is almost upon us again and it’s available for about 50 million shoppers that will be online that day but only few winners as expected. Hence, reason for the name “Treasure Hunt”. iPhone XS Max will be available at a very ridiculous price but the offer may be available for just a single person.

Jumia is offering you opportunity to own iPhone XS Max for just N5000 only if you are a good hunter. Or own HP Jaguar Laptop 8GB Ram for just N2000.

Jumia Treasure Hunt
Jumia Treasure Hunt

They call it Treasure hunt, where an item is hidden randomly on the website, first person to find it and other it get it at that value… otherwise, you are on your own.

How The Treasure Hunt Works

  1. Only ONE item is available per treasure hunt & it is almost FREE at 99% off.
  2. The item for the day is hidden randomly on the website
    1. (For example, a TV can be hidden in Women’s Shoe category, under the name “Slippers”).
    2. All item images will remain the same.
  3. Date & time is shown on the calendar below.
  4. Use the clues below to know where to search.
  5. Once you find it, order it fast!!!

The Treasure hunt begins this Friday November 2nd, 2018 by 12am. Visit Jumia website for more information.

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