Samsung Is Working On In-Display Cameras and Sensors To Stop Trending Notches

Mobile phones manufacturers adopted notches to allow positioning of cameras and other sensors on the front of the phones and later advanced to waterdrop notches to reduce the original big cutout. It seems 2019 may eventually bring an end to those trending holes in the displays, replacing them with in-display cameras and sensors. According to the latest leak, Samsung is currently working on that.

It seems the Korean tech giant want to prove to us why notches is not good enough for it and since it’s the only company to stay away from the notches so far (kudos for that). Samsung is looking for how to put an end to the infamous trend.

During the 2018 Samsung OLED forum, Samsung went even further by announcing that it’s working on other OLED-related technologies as well. So aside from the UPS (under-screen sensor), the company is also looking into fingerprint under the display, touch-sensitive technology and screen sound technology. But we are specifically interested in the aspect of in-display cameras and all kinds of visual sensors under the display.

For now, only a handful of devices are being tested and given that the Galaxy S10 is coming in just a few months and the technology is in its early days, it might not be able to get it. If we go by the latest rumor going around.

If it all goes according to plan we might edge a step closer to having the dream for truly bezel-less full-screen displays materialize.

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