Rumour Says HMD’s Next flagship Is Nokia 9 PureView

It’s more than a year that the rumours of a Nokia device with 5 cameras has been buzzing the media, ad now the Nokia 9 PureView is said to be the carrier of such magnanimous feature.

Finally, moving away from the trending notch feature that took over 2018 to phones with more than dual cameras the back. The upcoming Nokia 9 will carry the PureView branding from years ago and also have 5 cameras – that is a penta-camera – at the back.

Recently, Samsung unveiled Galaxy A9 Star Pro with 4 rear cameras. It was just a few months ago that HMD Global acquired the PureView brand name. A leakster has hinted that the most delayed flagship ever in recent years will be called Nokia 9 PureView.

Furthermore, a leaked image has been out for months now – a hands-on photograph of a yet-to-be-released Nokia flagship with 5 cameras at the back. That is a penta-camera; right?

Here is the first leaked image of the 5 cameras on the phone:

Leaked Nokia 9 Pureview 5 cameras
Image courtesy

My first reaction to the 5 camera setup was, “That is too clustered”. But it has grown on me. Suddenly, it does not look so bad, at the least going by the way it is arranged on the phone.

As you can see, there are actually 7 circles in the picture. In addition to the 5 cameras, the other two are circles spot an LED flash and an IR lens.

What We Know About The Nokia 9 PureView

In spite of more a year of rumours and counter-rumours, not much is known of the Nokia 9 besides the following:


  • It will certainly be a flagship
  • It will come as the PureView branding
  • It will feature 5 cameras
  • No display notch

And this is a concept design done by Martin Jacob based on the above leak:
Nokia 9 PureView render

From another leaked image of the front panel, the Nokia 9 PureView does not have a notch on the display, thankfully.

Fantasy and The Reality

The Nokia 8 did not live up to Nokia’s legendary status in the world of cameraphones. There have been rumours that the upcoming Nokia 9 will have a “best in-class” camera. But then, there were also rumours of a supposed Nokia 8 Pro hitting the stores in August, and that didn’t happen. One wonders.

Who knows? Perhaps it is the Nokia 8 Pro that will show up with 5 cameras. Perhaps it might even be the Nokia 10.

So, we will have to wait. The Nokia 9 is being expected to be officially announced this month of September. Hopefully, we won’t still be expecting it by next year.

This phone has been in the grapevine for over a year now. Whenever it finally arrives, it better be able to out-shoot professional cameras and be able to spot the Voyager spacecraft as they travel and explore further and further into space. It should also be able to capture Thanos’ mother ship as it approaches our galaxy. The Avengers would appreciate a tool like that.

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