In the past few weeks, WhatsApp keeps rolling out various updates to its instant messenger platform. And of course, of all the updates, most users, like me, are still anticipating the availability of the awaited features “Dark Mode”.

However, about a couple of days ago, we told you about the upcoming features to be released by the Facebook-owned company which includes the ‘Vacation’ and ‘Silent’ mode still in works.

And that’s not all, as we could see that more updates are beginning to pop up and one of which is the Touch ID/Face ID feature.

Touch ID/ Face ID Feature

The Touch ID/ Face ID feature is a new feature still in works usable only if your device has Face ID or Touch ID support.

How It Works

When this feature is enabled, every time you open your WhatsApp, Face ID or Touch I D authentication will be required. This is a new protection level added by WhatsApp. If you enter too many wrong attempts, WhatsApp will ask you to enter your Passcode.

Touch ID for iOS, Courtesy: Wabetainfo

The moment the feature is available, you’ll find it in your Privacy Settings>>Touch ID.

It seems this feature (Touch ID/Face ID) is currently being develop for iPhone users, and no info on when it will be made available for Android users.

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