Still in the spirit of Independence and MTN Nigeria is giving you 200% MTN Independence Data Bonus on all your data subscription today.

The Telcom giant took to their social media handle to announce special independence bonus data on deal zone that gives you 200% bonus on all your data subscription today. You get 4.5GB for N1200.

200% MTN Independence Data Bonus

According to MTN “ In celebrating Independence we’re giving you 200% bonus on all your data subscription today. So, go ahead browse, chat, call, stream, download and do more on the 4GLTE network”

Important Notes About The Offer

  • This is an Independence Day offer for all MTN customers to enjoy 200% bonus on all data bundles purchased today- Oct 1st 2018.
  • All MTN customers are eligible for the offer however only customers on 4G network can use it. Therefore subcribers must use compatible 4G devices + a 4G SIM to enjoy the offer. (This can be confirmed by the customer by texting 4G to 131)
  • This also means if subscribers purchases the bundle today and upgrades to compatible 4G devices+ 4G SIM they will be able to use the bonus bundle.
  • The 200% bonus is only applicable to the data in the main account. For example, if you buy a 500mb + 250mb (1am – 7am) data bundle on the 1st of October, you will receive 1.5 GB in your data account and 250mb (1am – 7am) in your bonus account.
  • The 200% bonus can be used at any time of the day- 24hrs
  • To confirm data balance; Dial *131*4# to view balance, and *559*63# to view bonus balance
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Happy New Month People!


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