In other to meet up with the directive issued by the regulatory body to capture BVN for all Diamond Y’ello Account (DYA) accounts, a short code has been successfully developed to help Diamond Y’ello Account customers link their BVN to their DYA.

What Is MTN Diamond Y’ello Account?

MTN Diamond Bank Y’ello Account is not new to our hearings for most of us. With this platform, users can now carry out their Diamond Yello account transactions with just the use of short codes listed in this post.

Diamond Y’ello Account (DYA) came into existence through the Partnership Between the two giants from each of their sector – MTN from telecom industry And Diamond from the banking system.

The platform ensures it offer its customers a safe and easy platform of opening and operating a full bank account from the convenience of their MTN Mobile Lines, without going through the hassles of documentation requirements in opening a bank account (Please note that all registered MTN customers are automatically eligible to partake) or the difficulty of finding or getting to bank branches for transaction, as the product is easily accessible through all MTN network of Agents.

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Short Code To Link Your BVN to Diamond Y’ello Account

To link your BVN to your DYA account, simply dial *710*99*BVN# from your mobile phones to link to do so.

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