Having direct communication with your customer/subscribers base is extremely important, and reaching out to customers via messaging apps is a growing strategy among marketers. Just like the original version of WhatsApp, the business application allows you to interact with customers in the form of a chat.

However, unlike the regular chat, small business owners are offered a number of tools to help organize, automate and speed up the communication process.

WhatsApp Business enables you to create a public profile for your business with basic information, including an address, website and other helpful information. It has very important features that makes your communication with your customers and intending ones smooth and one of them is the ability to create a short link (me/your_number) and share them as well.

So lets go and checkout how you can get your short link and share them on WhatsApp Business app.

How To Create and Share Your WhatsApp business Short Links

Step 1: Launch your WhatsApp Business app


Step 2: Go to Settings

Step 3: Tap on Business settings

Step 4: There you’ll see Short Link and where to share it, tap on it.

And that is all.

You can as well customize your default message.

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