Foldable Tablets Coming – Lenovo Working On One with an LG-made display

We are already getting tired of reading rumours about the arrival of foldable phones – after all, they’ve been in the news for almost forever without getting any of them shipped or announced. It appears the foldable feature has find its way to slates – foldable tablets.

Of course, we should be expecting such in the nearest feature. And the first foldable tablet might be a Lenovo tablet, thanks to an LG-made foldable screen. That is, according to a latest report from South Korea is to be believed.

The Lenovo foldable tablet will have a 13-inch display when it’s opened, and 8-inch to 9-inch when folded. It should be first sold in China, at least. LG Display sees more opportunities in the foldable tablet market than in foldable smartphones, allegedly. That is because with a phone the screen is hidden when folded. But that downside turns into an advantage with tablets – they would be less bulky and easier to carry when folded.

It is also easier to make durable panels for tablets, since phones need to be folded and unfolded dozens (if not hundreds) of times a day, whereas with tablets there will be a much lower frequency of folding.

LG Display also wants to sell the same 13-inch foldable panel to Dell and LG Electronics. All of this is in unconfirmed rumor territory for now, as LG has understandably declined to comment.


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