Duracell Enters Powerbanks Production, Launches In India

Duracell, a popular battery manufacturer has opened a new portfolio by launching its own series of portable power banks in the Indian market. The powerbanks are exclusively available online through Amazon.

The Duracell powerbanks comes in three capacities, 3,350mAh, 6,700mAh and 10,050mAh.

The 10,050mAh model has dual output ports while the other two have a single output port. The output of the three models are at around 10W and have a microUSB input port for charging the power bank.

The design and colour scheme of the power bank looks very similar to the company’s famous two tone black and gold battery design. The 3,350mAh model, in particular, looks like a AA battery.

All models also have a button on them to check the remaining power. It would have been inconvenient but cool to see the same two button design used on some of their AA batteries to check remaining power, which require you to pretty much destroy your thumb to press.

Duracell touts many safety features for these, including overvoltage protection, flame retardant case, dual safety circuits, over temperature protection, over charge and discharge protection. All models get three year warranty.

At INR 1,999 ($27), INR1,499 ($20) and INR999 ($13), the Duracell power banks are more expensive than models from Xiaomi, which doesn’t make them particularly good value.

They also lack features such as fast charging, USB-C connectivity and have a plastic body. We’d imagine a discount of some sort might make them decent value, but at current prices they are in a rather tough position.


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