Apple Rolls Out iOS 12.0.1 To Fix XS charging issue, Other bugs

Apple has started rolling out iOS 12.0.1, in order to fix one of the major issues reported by users. The update fixes the problem where connecting the charger cable to the iPhone XS would occasionally not start the charging until the display was turned on.

iOS 12.0.1 change log

Aside from that, the update also fixes a couple of other issues, including

  • A Wi-Fi issue where the iPhone XS would apparently connect to 2.4GHz instead of 5GHz band when rejoining.
  • The position of the .?123 key has also been switched back in this update on the iPad. iOS 12 swapped the position of the .?123 key and the emoji/language key, which annoyed some users and this update swaps it back.
  • Fixing of subtitles not appearing in some video apps and Bluetooth unavailability issue.

What’s The Size Of The Update?

You will need just 100MB data subscription to download it and is now available to download on all compatible devices.

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