YouTube Rolls Out Dark Theme for Android. How To Activate It

Just like the dark mode on Twitter app which was roll out to all its global users, YouTube has released its own as well.

YouTube dark mode (Dark Theme) feature was initially released for the desktop version, later, the feature was made available for YouTube iOS version and now after several months later, Android users are now getting it.

This feature can really help you save battery when using the YouTube app especially if your phone uses OLED/AMOLED display as the dark pixels will be completely turned off. Now that YouTube app finally has a dark mode, we really hope all other major apps like Facebook etc will begin to have Dark Modes as this is really cool to the eyes.


Windows 10 has a dark mode, beta version macOS Mojave also has a dark mode, It’s time for Android to get a dark mode option as well.

How To Enable Dark mode On YouTube For Android

  1. Simply go to Play Store To update your app to the latest version.
  2. Launch the YouTube app.
  3. Tap the profile icon.
  4. Go to settings.
  5. Navigate to “General” in the settings option.
  6. Enable YouTube Dark Theme.

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