Wi-Charge Can Charge Your Phone Without Wireless Charging Pad

Wi-Charge is different from the trendy Qi standard. It is a new long-range Wireless Charging technology that does not require a wireless charging pad like the later.

Since the life of an en electronic device like our smartphone is battery, then we must do every possible best to make power available on the phone. Recent mobile devices are capable of controlling human lives these days and this makes them literally guzzle battery power due to their functionalities. Except for phones that have massive batteries built in, you will run out of power quickly if you use your smartphone intensively.

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Coupled with how modern batteries work, there is a need to be able to charge your phone while it is laying about, and if possible without the encumbrance of a cable.

Wireless charging technology has been around for some years now. Available wireless charging technology requires a charging pad on which you place your phone for charging. The most popular is the Qi standard (Qi is pronounced ‘chee’) and almost every smartphone manufacturer under the sun uses it, usually in their flagship devices.

Wi-Charge: No Need For Charging Pad

The latest wireless charging technology, called Wi-Charge, allows your phone to be powered up without the use of a cable or a charging pad.

Distance Wi-Charge Covers

Instead of using electromagnetic induction, Wi-Charge delivers power using narrow beams of infra-red light. Yes; and you though infra-red was dead and gone. A transmitter can be mounted on the ceiling to send focused and safe infra-red beams to the devices to be powered. As long as a device is within the line-of-sight of the infra-red beam, it charges.

This makes it perfect for offices with numerous staff, a lounge, restaurant or any public place.

Wi-Charge vs Qi Standard Wireless Charging

The Qi standard wireless charging requires the device to be placed on a charging pad or close to the pad, while Wi-Charge does not. All that is needed is for the device to be placed in the range of the beams from the Wi-charge transmitter. Because of this, Wi-Charge can be used to charge devices that are too heavy or too big to be placed on Qi charging pad.

Compatibility and Availability

At this time, there are no phones already using the new technology, but we are likely to see a handful soon.

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