What?! Samsung Leaks Nokia 9 Internal Storage Options

Some confirmation of the Nokia 9 storage options has appeared from the most unfamiliar source – Samsung’s buyback program in Latvia. Interested buyer can get up to €292 off your next Galaxy device purchase if you trade in a yet to be announced Nokia flagship.

That’s for the dual SIM model with 128 GB of storage. There’s also a 64 GB version and both are also available in single SIM flavor. That’s what the buyback page claims, anyway.

How did Samsung get this kind of info? I guess Samsung is working with a phone recycling company that publishes a list of all models it can handle. However, including the Nokia 9 to that list was little premature, of course.

So, this information should not be that trusted, especially since the storage capacities looks too unfit for a device with 5 camera setup and an in-display fingerprint reader.

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