When talking about security on our devices, we talking about two types of people. We have those with a password on every application on their phones and those who decides to lock only the device, not going through the stress of locking all the app.

The first set of users mentioned above, may not welcome the idea behind the “Project Verify”, as it goes contrary to their idea of security.

Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile have come together to create what they call the future of passwords – Project Verify. Project Verify authenticates app logins so that users no longer need to memorize passwords for their apps. Instead it uses a combination of information like your phone number, SIM Card information, IP address etc, to determine if you are the rightful owner of the account.

Now, for the second set of persons who find it hard to remember passwords, this could be a major help since the information required from them are from personal things they own.

How To Use Project Verify

Firstly, go and download the app to your device and be ready to set things up.

After download, a Verify button shows up whenever you face a login screen, you input the details asked, and tap the Verify option at the bottom of the screen. Project Verify does the rest.

Verify does not work on an app unless you grants it access to it. But of course, those apps have to support Verify.

You may not be comfortable giving access to an app to take over your security. I am part of this lot. In which case, Project Verify can also be used a Second factor authentication. This means that instead of waiting for a code, you can just tap the Verify option and you are in.

What Happens If My Device Is Missing?

Verify claimed it very “Safe, Easy and Simple” but please take that your finger and not your heart. What if my mobile device gets stolen or my lock screen was broken through? Project Verify gives no assurance in these scenarios.



This project is yet to be launched so maybe it would get more features before then.  For now, we can only hope.


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