If you are yet to be attracted by the hype surrounding the upcoming trending feature among device manufacturers: foldable phones-, maybe this video will draw your attention. It shows a Lenovo prototype that appears to be fully functioning, it loads apps and everything.

The phone is pretty tall, which still looks good while you fold it in half. It won’t fold flat, though, the “hinge” reminds us of the Microsoft Surface Book 2.

Did you notice the black spot on the screen where the hinge is? It’s only on the right side, signifying it’s an issue of the prototype rather a technological limitation. Also, there’s quite the chin at the bottom. Still, it’s wildly impressive and we expect that the tech will be further improved before a commercial launch.

In 2017, Lenovo showed the Cplus – a phone that bends into a bracelet. It featured a 4.35” AMOLED screen and real leather on its back. The company also hinted that this foldable phone may be marketed under the legendary Moto RAZR brand and is also working on a flexible laptop.

Other companies are prepping foldable phones as well. Samsung and Huawei have publicly promised such phones, LG has relevant patents too.

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