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iPhone XS and XS Max Drop Test Result Is Not Encouraging

iPhone XS and XS Max were unveiled a couple of weeks ago and Apple claimed they came with the strongest glass ever on a smartphone. Well, in the video below you get the durability test of the glass which is particularly interesting.

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Though the handsets sports “the strongest glass,” the iPhone XS and XS Max are still fragile glass sandwiches. All you need to prove this, is a drop on concrete and the back and front panels shatter. The repair cost of the back panel is a whopping $599 on the iPhone XS Max while the front will set you back $329.

However, both smartphones proved that they are beer-proof. Both were dunked in a 1.5-meter beer tank for 30 minutes and they survived. At least, there’s no need to worry about your expensive phones when going to the bar. Unless, of course, those beers make you clumsy and you drop them.

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  1. Mikyflow says

    I believe there’s a misconception between the two gadgets. Very soon it will be rectified by the makers.

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