Huawei Says That The Kirin 980 is Faster Than Apple’s A12 Bionic

Huawei introduced its latest flagship SoC Kirin 980 at the IFA 2018 though we are yet to see a phone powered by it. The first smartphones that is powered by the chipset will be the Mate 20 and the Mate 20 Pro, coming on October 16,.

Before unveiling the phones, Huawei held a product brief in Dubai, where a Chinese company representatives claimed it’s going to be faster than Apple’s A12 Bionic, seen in the latest trio of iPhones - iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR.


The main reason for the assurance given by Huawei Kirin 980’s success is the three-year development and the focus on Power and Efficiency, Intelligence, and Connectivity. The amount of transistors is 6.9 billion – in line with Apple’s latest chip.

While the Kirin 980 was technically the first 7 nm chipset to be announced, the A12 Bionic is built on the same process and the latest iPhones reached the market much sooner. It will still be interesting to see how the two compare in a month or so when the Mate 20 come to our office.

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