Glo’s Subscriber Base Gains Massive Increase and Better Connectivity

According to a recent report from Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC, Glo’s subscriber base has continued to enlarge its coasts without boundary.

The NCC’s reports says that in July and August 2018, Globacom added more subscribers than other players in the industry. The surge in the in figure can be connected to the aggressive backbone and infrastructure upgrade done by the network across the country.


Since last year, Globacom has been relenttless in strengthening its existing cell sites, re-routing its optic fibre cables and expanding its existing cable infrastructure. Specifically, Globacom has been swapping and upgrading network equipment with new and higher capacity equipment to deliver improved data and voice services.

It was revealed that Globacom’s core data network interface ports have been upgraded from 40GB to 100GB, meaning the traffic handling capacity is more than doubled. Also, the capacity of Globacom’s undersea cable, Glo 1, has been tripled.

The network’s renowned 4G Coverage is being extended to several more cities in 33 states consolidating Globacom’s position as the network with the widest and best 4G coverage in Nigeria presently.

Hence, reason why Glo network is now fast in some locations compare to before with the cheap Oga SIM data plans and the current enhanced Glo Jollific8.

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