Facebook Messenger’s Gets New UI, Rolling Out To A Few Users

In May, Facebook announced its intention to simplify the interface on its Messenger app to fewer tabs in order for the users just stay connected. This redesign comes with a new streamlined interface, a proper dark mode, and eliminated some of the shortcuts and features that people don’t use.

According to a report from Android Police sent by one of its reader who sent in screenshots, the update came as a server-side change since their Messenger app had not been updated via the Play Store prior to noticing the change.

How Does The New UI looks Like?

There are three tabs at the bottom: conversations, contacts, and an explore tab. This is where other unessential features have moved to including businesses and games shortcuts.

Otherwise, the chat window has a cleaner interface with simpler shortcut icons all around.


Although there aren’t any dark-mode screenshots available from the source, we’re excited to see what it would look like once the update does begin rolling out on a wider scale.

If you get or have already gotten the Messenger update, let us know in the comments and tell us where you’re writing from! Also be sure to tell us on which device you’re seeing the update.

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