Chris is A Digital Voice Assistant For Drivers

Dropping Microsoft Cortana, Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri aside, the new digital voice assistant for driving is here upon us with lots of interesting functions. We are talking about Chris. It is a digital voice assistant created by a Berlin based start-up, German Autolab, which assists drivers with navigation, phone calls, sending messages and listen to music while driving.

We all know that it is very inconvenient and risky to receive calls as well as scroll through your messages or contacts on your phone while driving. And those are about to end since we have “Chris”, a digital voice assistant that talks and listens to you while driving.

How Is This Digital Voice Assistant Different From Others?

This new digital voice assistant is an innovative speech recognition system. In addition, gesture control gives it a hands-free feature to ensure that your hands remain on the wheel thereby. This makes driving more convenient and safer.

Users can now listen to messages and also notifies them of SMS and WhatsApp messages. It also enables you to start conversations or reply your messages, make and receive calls as well as play songs from your favourite online platforms and even offline too.

Perhaps, another remarkable thing about this device is that it doesn’t need an internet connection to work, as required by other voice assistants. All it needs is a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone. There is support for both iOS and Android OS.

The device comes with a suction cup, chargeable cable, 12V car charger, and battery life that lasts up to seven days. The device costs £252. There is a free Chris app for Android and iPhone that works with the device.

Chris is designed to function like a co-driver which can be attached to the windscreen or dashboard and gives you the opportunity to do more with less stress. The app is currently available for Android users as the iPhone app is still work in progress.

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