Zoto Officially Shut Down Operation in Nigeria – Users Lost Money

Recall that back in July, we told about Zoto’s muteness to its users as they stopped responding to issues. The last social media update was in June and subscribers are currently counting their losses.

Now, it’s now glaring that Zoto has officially packed up operations in Nigeria. This might be as a result of the unfavourable economy status in the country.

All the company’s staff have been released and co-founder Oshone Emmanuel Ikazoboh has moved on to other things.

According to what TechPoint reported, the plan is to restructure the company, perhaps towards a possible comeback in the future.

Though, a lot of its users rocked the app in 2016 with the freebies attached but now it’s now a sorry stoey. Some of its users still have their funds trapped in the app but at this point, you just have to count your loses and move on.

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