What You Need To Know About The Upcoming Facebook dating feature

In an attempt to continue serving its users the best and attract more people to its most popular social media platform, Facebook recently announced that it will be rolling out a dating feature that will enable users to find that perfect, special someone.

People are already linking each other with the Facebook for dating and meeting new mates and it has been working well but this new feature is going to make it a lot more secure and easier than trying to date someone on the normal app.

You might however confuse this feature to the regular Facebook usage itself. So we decided to shed more light on everything about this much anticipated feature.

1. Not Just An App, It’s A Feature

Yes, it’s not an app on it’s own. A lot of rumors have been flying around that Facebook dating is going to be a new app that will be released by Facebook. Well, our finding have shown us that it will not be an app, but a new feature that will be embedded into the Facebook app.

2. The Feature Is Not Yet Released

Officially, the feature has not been released yet although the company have started testing it among its employees. Facebook however has issued a strong warning to its staff that the app is not for dating co-workers. After the company has finished testing it, the feature will be released globally.

3. Screenshots Of How The New Feature Will Look Like

How the Facebook Dating Feature Looks Like

4. Will Limit How Many People You Can Meet

There will actually be a limit to how many people you can actually express your interest in while using this new feature, this is mainly for security reasons as well as preventing spamming.

5. Only Those Who Activate The Feature Can Access It

We have confirmed that only those people who are interested in dating can use it, this means that the feature is optional. If you activate this feature in your Facebook app, only those who also activates it can see you and vice-versa. Anyone who doesn’t activates it will not be able to see you.

6. Facebook Will Only Match User With Their Choice Of Date

Facebook is going to use what they know about you to match you with person of your interest, for example your location, gender, etc. They would ask you if you will like to meet men, women and so on. Then you can choose from the options Facebook gives you and they will be around your location.

For those waiting anxiously for this new feature, please note that it has nothing to do with low self-esteem or anything like the rather it’s a great feature that will enhance the social media and make it more fun and enjoyable. As soon as the feature is released, we will keep you informed.

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