What is uberGo? What Is The Difference Between uberGo, uberX and uberBlack?

You might have heard of uber and if not, uber is the service that lets you hail a cab conveniently from your smartphone. The company has launched a new service in India called uberGo. If you are asking, What is uberGo?, I will explain it all in easy language.

What is uberGo?

uberGO is a budget service that offers rides in low cost, chauffeur-driven hatchbacks like the Toyota Etios Liva and Maruti Ritz. The trick is that the rides are also low-cost, lower that what passengers pay for an auto-rickshaw.

uberGO is more suited to short rides and quick runs around neighbourhoods, but of course can be used for any basic intra-city commutes. The service was launched in 2014 as “the cheapest ride in town”.

Differences Between uberGO, uberX, and uberBlack

According to the company, uberX is perfect for when you have company, uberBLACK for when when you mean business, while you can use uberGO for your everyday commute and errands.

Again, UberGo is currently available only in India.

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