If you own a website, whether it is a blog, online store, a portal, or even a mobile app, Google AdSense is one of the most effective ways to generate passive income from it. Passive income is revenue that comes in to you without you lifting a finger whether you are awake, asleep, working or playing.

And like any income stream, it needs monitoring. Once upon a time, AdSense was accessible only via a web browser, but this is the age of mobile apps, and you can now keep an eye on your AdSense earnings on your phone. An AdSense app exists for Android users, as well as for iOS users.

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AdSense App

What Can You Do With Google AdSense Apps?

The app provides an overview detailing your earning for the present day, as well as a comparison of yesterday’s earning against the same day the previous week. It also compares the present month so far with the same day of the previous month. The earnings for the last month and the month before are also presented, and lastly your lifetime earnings come at the bottom of the page.

It also gives you a breakdown of your page views, impressions, clicks, page CTR, Impression CTR, CPC, Page RPM, and Impression RPM.

The Overview menu is very comprehensive. Most of the time, the Overview menu is all you need to have an idea of how your Adsense earnings are doing. But there is much more should you need to glean data and understand what is going on behind the scene.

You can use the menu to switch to other views that detail your various channels, sites (if you run multiple websites), countries, platforms, ad units, ad types, ad networks, and more. So, you can monitor everything about your Adsense right from your smartphone.

The Google Adsense app also lets you check your current balance and most recent payment made to you by Google. The settings menu lets you decide whether the app auto-refreshes or not, and at what interval the refresh happens.

Google AdSense Widget For Android?

Since Android OS supports homescreen widgets, once you have the AdSense app installed, you can add an AdSense widget to your phone’s homescreen. That way, you can see how your earnings are doing at a glance of your homescreen. You will rarely need to open the app itself.

Where To Download Google AdSense App

Here are the download links for Android and for iOS.

Once installed on your phone, launch the app and sign into your Google account. If you are already logged into your Google account on the phone, it will sign you in automatically. You are good to go.