“Things in Common” Label Will Soon Be Available on Facebook

The most popular social networking service, Facebook is working on a new feature called “things in common”. The social network company wants more users to discover things they have in common with the other 2 billion people on its social network.

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The new feature ‘things in common’ will appear in comment.

How The Feature Works

When a user read through a public conversation — like on a brand or publisher page — Facebook will highlight things you have in common with non-friends who have drop comments. So, under the person’s name, you could see a label that says “you both the University of Ilorin,” or that you’re both from Jos.

“Knowing shared things in common helps people connect,”

According to Facebook, only information that people makes public will be available for “things in common” labels. The feature will also adhere to people’s audience and privacy settings.

This simply means, if you hide your current city, you won’t be able to see other peoples’ own in “things in comon” label. For now, there’s no way to turn the label off.

The feature is currently on test stage and will be available for everybody.


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