See The Most Affordable Night Plans For You

9mobile night plans are one of the best alternative apart from that of Airtel. Airtel’s night plans is also one of most affordable plan at the moment. Since MTN has chose to reduce their night data plan, I am going to give you alternatives.

Airtel Night Plans Activation Codes

Airtel has two (2) types of night plans and you must be on Airtel SmartTrybe before you can activate any of them.

  • N25 that gives you 500MB data; and
  • N200 that gives you 1.5GB.

According to Airtel’s official page:

“SmartTrybe is special a special plan to keep its users connected to the Trybe.  Subscribers can enjoy the best rates on data and exclusive data deals for night browsing”

How Do I Activate SmartTrybe

Don’t forget that Airtel defines the SmartTrybe as an exclusive offer to their subscribers. Which means you have to migrate to the Trybe before you access the exclusive offers.

Dial *312# then select 1 to“migrate” to the SmartTrybe!

Airtel 500MB Night Browsing Plan

Dial *312#

  • Press 3 to get the Trybe offers.
  • Press 1 to subscribe for the N25-500MB.
  • It’s Valid for 5 hours (12am-5am)
Airtel 1.5GB Night Browsing Plan
  • Dial *312#
  • Press 3 to get the Trybe offers.
  • Press 2 to subscribe for the N200-1500MB.
  • It’s Valid for 5 hours (12am-5am)

How to Check Airtel Night Plan Bundle.

Very sad, subscribers cannot check the Airtel Night data bundle balance.

9Mobile Night Plans Activation Codes


  • Dial *229*10*10# to activate the 250MB for N50 plan.
  • Dial *229*3*11# to activate the 1GB for N200 plan.
  • Dial *229*3*12# to activate the 2GB for N1000 plan.
  • Dial *229*3*13# to activate the 5GB for N2000 plan.

All of these night plans are usable from 12:00AM till 4:59AM except the 5GB for N2000 plan as it can be used from 7:00PM to 7:00AM daily. Also, the 2GB & 5GB night plans are more like monthly subscriptions as they have a 30-day validity period, while the 250MB & 1GB plans have a 1-day validity period.

How to Check Airtel Night Plan Bundle.

Simply dial *228# to check you balance.



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