Meet The Samsung Galaxy Home — A Smart Speaker Like An African Pot

The Samsung Galaxy Note9 came majestically with Galaxy Watch, not as an entity but launched the same day. However, we still have an amazing device that looks like an African cooking pot that was announced too the same day. We are talking about the Samsung Galaxy Home.

The Galaxy Home is a Smart speaker market. Yes, Samsung is into smart speaker. It is built around Samsung’s personal assistant, Bixby.

You also get six individual drivers for omnidirectional sound, plus a subwoofer. As expected, the speaker is AKG and Harman tuned and comes with a feature called SoundSteer that allows the speaker to point audio to you just by saying “Hi Bixby, SoundSteer.”

There is also the fact that Samsung made Spotify its new streaming-music partner, which means users will be able to control Spotify music playback with Bixby.

For now, the details about Bixby Home are a bit sketchy, but Samsung assures us it’s “excited to share more details about it soon.”

While we wait for its landing in our homes or offices, how much would you be willing to dish out to obtain this gadget?

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