Instagram Changes Profile, DM Icon Positions For Faster Access to Messages

Instagram continues with its testing of new features. Recently, we told you about the testing of IGTV video carousel in the core app or Stories reactions. Yet the basic UI of the app has remained the same for ages. Another update now is that the Facebook-owned company is testing a minor change that could actually improve navigation in the app.

As seen in the latest Instagram beta app (build number, Instagram has swapped the profile icon in the navigation bar at the bottom for direct messaging. And the profile icon, as you may have already guessed, has now replaced the direct messaging icon.

How It Works

Users will now have to tap the paper plane on the bottom right of the new navigation bar before they can access their messages. The left swipe gesture that formerly open the messaging page is no longer active.

Also gone is the profile tab; to view the active profile, you have to tap the new icon on the top right, and long-press it to switch between accounts.

Looking at it from a UI angle, it makes a lot of sense as visiting the profile page is less often than the messages section. I will however like to see how an average user reacts to this change.

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