Android 9 Pie was officially released a few hours ago, but one important thing omitted during the announcement was the statue. From the start, Google always create a statue for each new Android dessert version. Lately, the statues had been getting pretty uninteresting, although the Oreo one came with some improvement. The statue for Android 9 Pie, brought back boring bugdroids.

Android 9 Pie Statue Unveiling

The statue, which was unveiled at 10:14pm GMT, comprises of the bugdroid waving with a pie to its left and a slice of pie to his right. This follows the same style that the similarly-uninspired Nougat statue used: a bugdroid with its arms up next to some of the dessert on the ground.

Above all, the pie’s insides does not really look like a “pie”; it appears like pomegranate at first look.

Android Ice Cream Statue

The Ice Cream Sandwich statue comes brought a minding creativity, same as KitKat’s. We can only hope that Android Q’s (which will be tough to name) will be a bit more creative.

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