Google Station Free Wi-Fi Review – How To Connect, Locations and Speedtest Results

It has been almost a month since Google announced the Station free wi-fi service in Nigeria. The service was launched in 5 locations for Lagosians.

When you get to any of the locations or you are some distance away from them, simply turn on your Wi-Fi to search for it. Your phone will find something like “Free Google Station-21st Century” among the available hotspots in the area. Then you are good to go.

How To Connect To Google Station Free Wi-fi

Tap on it and you will be redirected to a sign-in portal that will request for your phone number. Of course, Google already has all your details anyway, including your number and location. Remember, you go around with an Android smartphone around. Just in case you are new to this, Google uses your Android smartphone to track your location at all times, whether you have your location turned on or not.

Next, enter your mobile phone number and tapped, “Send Code”. However, the code might take sometimes but the SMS code will come. Of you did not get it, you have the option to tap the “Resend”button.

Then, you will receive an SMS containing a 4-digit code on your phone. Type the code into the provided field on the login portal and tap the “Connect” button. That is it. You are there!

To sign up with Google Station is a far less tedious experience than signing up with say Red Cheetah or City Connect, both also free wifi services in Lagos. Both Red Cheetah and City Connect require you to download an app first.

Google’s approach to sign in to the wireless network is as simple as drinking water.

Google Station Speedtest Results

According to a user, a number of speedtests were conducted and he came up with the following results:

  1. 31.51 Mbps download / 377 Mbps upload
  2. 5.59 Mbps download / 29.77 Mbps upload
  3. 26.28 Mbps download / 27.40 Mbps upload
  4. 11.84 Mbps download / 31.99 Mbps upload

Those speeds are actually not bad at all. I hope they won’t drop over time as more people become aware of the service and usage increases.

Locations Where We Have Google Station In Lagos

Google Station ranks up there among the easiest free hotspots to use in Lagos. You can always make use of it when you are in a covered location. For now, those locations are limited to:

  1. Domestic Airport, Ikeja
  2. Ikeja City Mall
  3. University of Lagos, Akoka
  4. Computer Village, Ikeja
  5. The Palms Shopping Mall, Lekki
  6. Landmark Centre, VI

There’s always a saying that “awoof dey purge”, but this no dey purge oh. Please share your experience with us via the comment box below.

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