Google Maps Update: “Globe Mode” Shows That Earth Is No Longer Flat

Google Maps is one of the best navigation modes available to users, irrespective of the Operating System they use. Nonetheless, the entire impression about maps is that they are 2-dimensional. Well, it seem like Google’s idea is different, and is currently visualizing a map as a 3D object.

Actually, not the whole map, but somewhat at least. If you were bored and thought of always zooming out from the Google Maps, you’d finally reach a flat map of the surface of the earth. But, now you won’t, because Google is all set to go 3D.

While you may not notice the change when you first launch the app, you can get a moon’s-eye view of our world if you zoom out far enough. Or as described in Google’s own words, “Greenland’s projection is no longer the size of Africa”.

For more understanding, Google is talking about the fact that it’s difficult to represent the true area of different regions on the planet using flat projections or in 2-dimension. Mercator projections, which are the most commonly used means of projections, enlarges regions that are farther from the equator despite showing the correct shape of countries. As a result, a few countries look way bigger than they should. For instance, Greenland looks the size of Africa, when it’s much, much smaller. Thankfully, with the new Globe Mode, this should now be fixed.

The recently announced “Globe Mode” update is only available on desktop and not mobile. However, since it relies on WebGL, the feature works on all major browsers, including Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.

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