There are two other ways of using Facebook on your phone (not talking of third party apps) – Facebook Mobile and Facebook Lite app – apart from the original Facebook app that we all know. There are more benefits attached to them aside being less annoying.

Facebook Mobile

Users can access their Facebook via their mobile phone’s web browser. This version is called Facebook Mobile. There are a few benefits of using the lite app. Firstly, it is much less annoying. The distorbing notifications that the regular app keeps bringing do not exist.

Also, your phone battery will be happy with you as it drains less than when on use with the regular app. As we may already know, the regular Facebook app is a battery hog.

Lastly, using the Facebook Mobile app frees up storage space on your phone.

To use Facebook Mobile, open your phone’s web browser and type in

Facebook Lite

As the name implies, Facebook Lite is a much smaller, storage-friendly, battery-friendly version of the regular Facebook app.
Facebook Lite is 1.3 MB in size, compared to the regular Facebook app weighs 72 MB. In addition, the Lite app works better under slow and epileptic network conditions.

You can get Facebook Lite from the Play Store. Download it

Use Mobile Or Lite Versions Of Your Favourite Apps

It isn’t only Facebook that has alternative channels. Quite a number of your favourite Android apps probably do too. For example, Twitter has Twitter Mobile and Twitter Lite as well just the way Facebook has Facebook Mobile and Facebook Lite. Both Facebook Messenger and YouTube have lite versions of their apps as well.

The benefits are the same: saves space on your device, better battery life, and in some situations, little or no constant notifications. Chances are that you will also use Facebook less, which is great if you think you already spend too much time on the app.


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