YouTube Introduces Tool To Notify You If Your Videos Have Been Stolen

YouTube is set to introduce a tool for content creators that notifies that if their videos have been stolen. With this tool, once a video is uploaded to YouTube, the service will scan and check if the content already exists or is very similar to other videos already available on the site. It will only identify complete videos, not clips.

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Called Copyright Match tool, the new tool will start rolling out to content creators with more than 100,000 subscribers from next week. More users will get it over the next few months.

Content creators who make use of this tool will be notified if copies of their videos surface on YouTube. Once the tool finds match(es), creators can then decide what action he/she wants to take. They can choose to do nothing, contact the person who made the copy, or request YouTube to remove the duplicate copy.

However, there is a little black spot in this new innovation. For you to be considered as the original creator by the tool, you have to be the first person to upload the video, so there’s the possibility that someone else copies your video that’s already on Instagram or Facebook and uploads it to YouTube before you.

Currently on YouTube, users would be aware that the app already has a similar program called Content ID, which helps copyright owners find people using their content without permission. However, Content ID is limited in its availability, as only few people have access to the feature. Unlike this new tool, it also allows content owners to monetize unauthorized uses of their work.

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