WhatsApp, the popular messaging app has started rolling out a new feature to the app called Send Messages.

The new capabilities now lets admins of WhatsApp groups to control the ability of participants to send messages in the particular group. This implies that all other participants, when “Only Admins” is selected for the Send Messages option, won’t be able to send in the group text messages, images, videos, voice messages etc.

The new Send Messages option will now accompany the Edit Group Info that was available under Group Settings with the same two settings – All Participants and Only Admins.

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The feature will be accessible even if the group has just one admin. Additionally, all participants in the group will be notified about the developments through broadcast text messages.

How to Access WhatsApp Send Messages?

  • Go to your WhatsApp group and open Group info
  • Choose “Send Messages” and you’ll see the options of “only admin”, “all participant” or cancel.



After changing the permission, all participants will be notified in the group with a particular message.

When the option is enabled by an administrator and only admins can send messages, WhatsApp will hide the chat text input bar, showing a particular footer that alerts the user that he cannot send messages.

Why Is Send Messages Feature Necessary?

You can choose to use the send message feature for various purposes as Group Administrator; for instance, you can enable this option to send important messages in the group without being interrupted by other messages, or you can decide to “close” the group at night to block any messages, to avoid any disturbances in the group or possible spam messages from some uncultured group members.

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This update is currently rolling out to WhatsApp beta version on 2.18.201 for Android and stable version 2.18.70 on iPhone.

The feature will reportedly roll out soon for users of stable Android version 2.18.191 soon, as well as for Windows Phone.


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