The New Low Cost iPhone X Plus: Rumored Specs, Price And Release Date

Ever since the birth of the Apple iPhone X late last year, the world have been wondering what and how the next iPhone would look like. That led to the buzzing of the internet with ever-unending rumors and leaks every day. Well, we are expecting three new iPhones this year.

The introduction of a larger version “iPhone X Plus,” with a 6.5-inch OLED screen and faster performance and a new entry-level iPhone with a 6.1-inch screen are some the things expected.

Here’s why the new cheap iPhone could be more attractive than the iPhone X and iPhone X Plus.

Will it be Dubbed the iPhone 9?

If Apple were to follow previous naming conventions, this year’s entry-level will be called the “iPhone 9,” let’s just call the next iPhone X the “iPhone X2.” So that makes the three iPhones: iPhone 9, iPhone X2, and iPhone X2 Plus.

Apple stopped appending numbers to its iPad years ago. It could do the same for the next iPhone and just call it iPhone.

Glass and Aluminum Design

The iPhone X is a glass-and-metal sandwich made of a stainless-steel frame and strengthened glass back. For the entry-level iPhone, Apple is rumored to be using lighter (and cheaper) aluminum for the frame. The back will remain glass, though, to support wireless charging.

Different materials aside, the new entry-level iPhone should look very similar to the iPhone X, at least from the front. The differences, however, could be in the details.

New colors like blue and orange

Space grey, silver, gold, rose gold are the colors we are used to… but they’re kind of boring. Apple gave the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus a splash of color with the Product (Red) version, and it might get even more colorful for this year’s new baby model.

Word on the street is this new iPhone could get come in “grey, white, blue, red, and orange.” The last time an iPhone came in blue or orange-like color was the iPhone 5C.


If you were hoping for Apple to get rid of the notch, you’re going to be disappointed because it’s likely here to stay… for a very long time.

The entry-level iPhone will likely have the same TrueDepth camera system as the one on the iPhone X. That means the phone will support Face ID (essential for features like Apple Pay and Animoji and Memoji).

6.1-inch screen, LCD, and thicker bezels?

The biggest difference between the entry-level iPhone and the iPhone X2/X2 Plus will be the screen.

With the iPhone X, Apple moved to an OLED display, which has the benefit of being thinner, brighter, and more energy efficient. OLED is also capable of displaying deeper blacks and more vibrant colors.

On the new entry-level iPhone, the screen will reportedly be LCD, which is the same display technology used in the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. LCD isn’t bad — Apple’s always been really good at tuning its Retina displays better than others — but it isn’t quite as nice as OLED.

The cheaper iPhone is also expected to have a larger 6.1-inch diagonal size compared to the 5.8-inch iPhone X2 and 6.5 inches expected from the iPhone X2 Plus. It’s weird an iPhone with a larger display could cost less than one with a smaller one, but people really want bigger screens.

Single rear camera

It’s a sure bet the new iPhone will have some kind of improvements to its cameras, just don’t count on there being two on the back.

The latest rumors suggest the entry-level iPhone will only have a single rear camera, likely the same 12-megapixel shooter with f/1.8 aperture as on the iPhone 8.

Without dual cameras on the rear, the new iPhone won’t support Portrait mode or be able to shoot photos at 2X optical zoom. That’d be a bummer, but not the end of the world. Not everyone needs the secondary camera. If you want the dual cameras, you’ll have to step up to the iPhone X2 or iPhone X2 Plus.

We haven’t heard anything about the selfie camera. It could stay the same as the 7-megapixel one on the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

Faster performance powered by A12

You can always count on new iPhones to offer faster performance. How much faster, however, is the big question.

The iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X all share the same A11 Bionic chip. Logically, this year’s new iPhones should come with an “A12” chip.

Price and release date

That’s as good a guess as anyones. But since this iPhone will be the new entry-level model, it should come in at a few hundred dollars less than the iPhone X2. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, now of TF International Securities, predicts the phone could cost between $600-700.

A lower price would no doubt make the new entry-level iPhone more affordable for many users who’ve yet to upgrade from their old devices.

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